Fender Super Bullets .009-.042 Light Electric Strings

Fender .09-.042 Super Bullets Pack Cover

In the past, I wrote about a decision to experiment with a couple of different Fender strings. Fender Guitars are fantastic, Fender amps are what everyone wants and by that logic I figured that Fender strings would fall in the same category.

First try was a fiasco and I thought there may be a reason you rarely hear people like Billy Gibbons say they use Fender Strings.

However, I was beyond surprised when I put on a new set of Fender Super Bullets 9-42 and did some blues lines. Fantastic, seriously, I went and got a second set just to spend some more time with them. Easy to use, easy to bend, slide, and just torture. I tried to see how much stamina they got and was very pleased.

Very versatile sound, from melodic clean on a Strat to rich valve overdrive. These are the strings I am going to put on a short list of favorites. Let’s see if I can find better ones from the list I have compiled.

So far, I know Billy Gibbons uses his signature Dunlop 7’s, Buddy Guy uses Ernie 11’s, SRV and Jimi Hendrix were battling with 12’s and it did not seem like a battle at all. What do you use?

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