Fender Original Pure Nickel Electric Guitar 150 Strings


I have recently bought three sets of Fender Strings as part of my ongoing search for my own sound. One of them was Original Pure Nickel 150 Regular .10-.46 pack. 

Original Pure Nickel, like most other pure nickel strings gave that warm vintage feel to the sound.

On the set up, I noticed something unusual. I noticed dents in the string at any point where I had to press on it. I did not encounter anything like it in the past and it seems like I have changed dozens of string sets by now. The strings themselves felt decent and made me want to play more. My previous set was a Fender .9-.42 Super Bullets which I fell in love with and used for way over a month which is unusual for me.

Sadly, being uplifted by the positive experience of the Super Bullets, I was dropkicked back where I belonged when, in a week of playing, a high E string decided that she no longed wanted to be a part of the team, said “screw you guys, I’m going home”  and broke.

I was really surprised since I did enjoy the quality of other Fender products but my experience with these particular strings was painful and will probably not be repeated.

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