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Billy F Gibbons Signature Electric Guitar Strings

Dunlop Signature Billy Gibbons Electric Guitar Strings

I was looking forward to trying guitar strings designed by collaboration of Dunlop Manufacturing and Reverend Gibbons and equally been looking forward to writing about them.


Dunlop is the only big name brand that has developed a set of extremely fine strings and included .007-.038 into BFG signature series. These ones are made and printed in California. Many would be amazed since thicker strings tend to be perceived to cause fatter tone. This stereotype is busted by Billy himself who uses these .007’s and fills any room with deep, fat, booming Texas Blues sound.

Blues Guitar Strings

Rev Willy’s Mexican Lottery strings are made of fine nickel and range from .007 to .010. My first try was the 9’s and I loved every bit of it. Especially the feel of new strings, when it seemed as if my fingers were sliding up and down the neck on their own. The tuning stayed solid, each string obeyed to each wound and it just gave an overall pleasant feel to the entire process. Its been over a month of almost daily playing with a silver pick and no string broke, the tone did not turn dull or attack disappear. The only thing that disappeared is the “new” element of it in my head.

Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Electric Guitar Strings 7

The 10’s the 8’s and 7’s followed. The tone remained rich, powerful and at some point I felt like there was too much power on the bass side and tried changing the EQ settings. These are definitely the strings I’ll turn to if all else will fail. Great quality, great sound, the sevens felt like air and did not break through the dirtiest and low-down Bluesy bends.

When purchasing, the store manager told me that these strings were not a best seller and I was somewhat surprised. While there was no “OMFG” moment, I felt like these strings did just what I wanted from them and were of very decent quality. Can it be that all other brands will be better or that not many people know about it? If I had to bet, I’d go for the latter.

These strings have been my partner in many new discoveries. I have achieved a fuzzy tone that I was looking for and spend one evening just going over a single riff and enjoying pure sound that was coming out of my amp. These Willies also became a part of my further search for my own tone and so spent a few nights with me while I was turning knobs and playing with settings. These strings have actually motivated me to experiment, attempt and progress. If this is not enough to appreciate the hands and minds behind it then I don’t know what is. I enjoyed Rev. Willy’s Loudest for Spanish because many good things happened during their time. I ain’t superstitious but I might just try to put ’em on again just to see if more good will come.

Howlin’ Wolf – I Ain’t Superstitious


For all those who cherish the concept of supporting their favorite guitarists or want to get a fine quality strings, Rev. Willy’s might just be the ones for you. Dunlop has a good reputation for being a family within their company as well as with their guitarists. I see it spreads further to the products they are making and am glad that I was not disappointed. Thank you Reverend Gibbons and thank you Dunlop guys.

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