D’Addario NYXL Review – Electric Nickel Wound Strings Review

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D’Addario NYXL – 11-49 Medium Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

D’addario released its NYXL strings for Electric Guitars and makes a lot of bold claims about the quality of them. This will be my long anticipated D’Addario NYXL Review using the purple 11-49 fatties.

These are pricey (Around $11 mark) in comparison to most others I’ve fooled around with. NYXL strings are constructed out of high carbon steel alloys, and they are more magnetic because of this. More magnetism results with higher outputs and enhanced mid-range frequency response, for more presence and “crunch”. They are also more durable and less likely to break. D’Addario claims the new NYXL strings provide 131% more tuning stability. Even the package of the product is innovative; the material used in the packaging is 75% more environmentally friendly than other products.

Technical Review

The NYXL Strings are sold with two different options: “Singles” and “Sets”. In the Singles category, there are two products: High Carbon Steel Singles and Nickel Wound Singles. High Carbon version is available in packs of two. Under the “Sets” category, there are 19 different versions of the same product, with different diameters and tensions. The “bestseller” is the D’Addario NYXL1049 version by the way, it is designed with the most popular string gauges in mind and offers an ideal combination of flexibility and tone.

d addario nyxl strings gauge

The NYXL Electric Guitar Strings come in gauges .10 – .49 Plain Steel and Nickel Wound:

e .010
b .013
g .017

D .026
A .036
E .049

According to the tests performed by the company, the new NYXL electric guitar strings boosts amplitude in the 1 KHz to 3.5 KHz range and modernizing overall tone without losing the “feel” of the string. They are also 75% stronger than the usual strings, which means their breaking point is very high. In fact, D’addario claims they are the strongest strings ever made. Almost every musician out there who tried the strings agree with that claim, they really make a difference when it comes to durability and quality.

Review By Feel

…was amazing. The first set I bought broke on the 7th day of playing.  For a pack of strings costing over $10 I was infuriated but before I realized what happened, a D’Addario representative contacted me asking for my address to replace the pack with defect. God made it so. I was touched. Really.

Especially pleasing was the fact that once more the company stood behind their product and were right. The following pack of NYXL .11-.49 lasted for ages, could bend like a mofo and had a piercing howl to it. A bit too piercing for my taste but it ain’t the point in D Addario NYXL Review. I’ts a quality product and D’Addario put a lot of effort into making it such.

D Addario NYXL Review

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