D’Addario Chromes Flat Wound, 11-50 Electric Guitar Strings Review

D Addario Chromes XL Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings Jazz 11-50 Front Package

Our Rating

8 Durability

8 Pain

8 Tone

5 Feel

4 Price

The full name of these strings is D’Addario Chromes XL Flatwound ECG24, Jazz Light, 11-50.

I’d compare it to a freakishly weird sex. You know it’s a fetish but it still leaves a smiling memory engraved in your mind.

Price: Around $10.99

This is primarily because of the flatwound element. These were my first ever flat wounds and at first I was not understanding the feeling in my fingers. Strings were skidding over on bends and slides took me slipping all the way to the Crossroads. However, then came the tone…

The Tone

The tone of the D’Addario Chromes is fantastic if you are looking for a sweet Jazzy warmth in your fingertips. It is rich as it is powerful. Takes your guitar’s (available for bass as well) character and puts it into a pair of vagabond shoes. Rich distortion, mellow cleans, tubes have a special love for these strings. Makes the sound resonate the space around and enhance the experience…it’s all about that bass…get your freak on…

DAddario-Chromes-Flat-Wound-ECG24-Jazz-Light-11-50 package

Technical Review of D’Addario Chromes

While the feeling is slightly (enormously) weird, the XL D Addario Chromes are easy to put on your guitar and don’t really go out of shape if you allow yourself a mistake or two during the change. The tone, as mentioned above is what D’Addario claims to be their most “mellow” across the range of all electric guitar strings. The stainless steel ribbon strings, as the company’s package says are “made with fine grain high temper, high carbon steel wire”, which is noticeable from how long the strings keep their tone and durability.

A very convenient point to mention is that D Addario Chromes really do not emit any finger noise. For me personally finger noise is a struggle and I have to work really hard to get rid of it. But these strings just remove any of it unless you want to make it and then have to work really hard to make finger noise.

The Gauges Are:

E: .011
B: .015

G: .022
D: .030
A: .040
E: .050

Manufacturer: D’Addario

DAddario-Chromes-Flat-Wound-ECG24-Jazz-Light-11-50 Back Package

Review By Feel

An intelligent argument to the following words would be – flatwound strings take time to get used to and adjust to how fingers feel on them. I personally applaud to the engineers of D Addario Chromes and yield to the fact that I won’t ever begin to understand the genius behind manipulating sound with metal. However, I did not find patience to relearn my feel of guitar as I attempted each new slide on these strings that took me sliding all the way to New Mexico.

It just was too much nothing on them, and just as I miss a cell phone with physical buttons instead of a touchscreen, I did miss strings which felt “ribbed” (for the lack of the better word) under my fingers.

The quality however was exquisite. I was surprised at how much punishment these ECG24’s can take without loosing tone or feel. Whenever I’ll feel a need to get out of a rut with something truly drug-like, I will turn to D’Addario’s Chromes. Whenever I will look for a warm tone in search of Wes Montgomery – I will turn to D’Addario XL Chromes.

As always though, don’t listen to me – go out and find your own tone. Try everything made by everyone until you are at home with your own sound.

D Addario Chromes Flatwound ECG24 Jazz Light 11-50 inside package

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