D’Addario EXL115 Nickel Wound (.11-.49) Strings

D'Addario EXL115 Nickel Wound Round Electric Guitar Medium Blues/Jazz Strings front package .11 - .49

The XL Medium Electric Guitar Strings are round wound, bright and add power to the tone while boasting great durability and shape.

Gary Clark Jr. endorsed them at some point claiming as his first choice of strings. It may have actually tipped me over the fence to try them out. I figured that falling in love with EPN’s could only lead uphill from there. Especially if the sounds I enjoy listening to are given to me by artists like him.

I didn’t have a “wow” moment.  Nothing was wrong with EXL115’s but nothing made me feel special or empowered like the previous set did. At the same time, it must be constantly reinforced that there are as many choices of strings as there are choices of cereal out there and while I may not have been impressed, it is subjective. My head – my tone. I urge everyone to try these strings since I was amazed at how durable of a work-horse EXL’s are. These electric guitar ropes lasted for ages without losing tone or breaking. Hats off to the fine quality products, D’Addario.

D'Addario EXL115 Nickel Wound Round Electric Guitar Medium Blues/Jazz Strings back package .11 - .49

D’Addario EXL115 Medium/Blues-Jazz Rock

The D’Addario EXL115 strings gauge are:

  • E: .011, Plain Steel
  • B: .014, Plain Steel
  • G: .018, Plain Steel
  • D: .028, Nickel Wound
  • A: .038, Nickel Wound
  • E: .049, Nickel Wound

These strings are bright and powerful. Much was learnt and accomplished throughout the period of experimenting with EXL’s. However, it was the period of EXL’s that I’ve started thinking about buying a new guitar or amp or strings for a more beefy tone. I didn’t feel it when switched from EPN’s.

I was actually looking forward to changing the strings and trying out NYXL’s next because more often than not, I felt like this playing the D’Addario EXL115…

A cat is unimpressed with the Blues/Jazz Electric Guitar Strings by D'Addario (EXL115)

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