Ernie Ball “Rock & Blues” Acoustic Guitar Strings Review

Blues Acoustic Guitar Strings Review (Ernie Ball Rock and Blues)

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9 Durability

7 Pain

9 Tone

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Blues Acoustic Guitar Strings

My story with acoustic
Ernie Ball strings have started the same way most other guitar discoveries have. I was looking for something Blues “approved” and fell easy prey to the words “” smiling at me from the front of the package.

Price: Around $4.99

Blues acoustic guitar strings is a concept that is mostly in our own heads, since anything or anyone can play it using the least known brand for the cheapest price, if they got their heart in it.

Playing Blues on acoustic guitar properly is like creating an orchestra out of your silverware. Damn difficult but we all know those who did it. These made things easier, felt like a perfect gauge combination and made me think I sounded like Muddy.

Ernie Ball Earthwood Series Review - best acoustic strings for Blues

Technical Review

The strings are .10-.52, bronze alloy 80/20 (copper/zinc) and a part of Earthwood series. It means that you will get thick steel (.010 gauge) under the 80/20 wrapping. Bright metallic sounding (bronze coated) and 80% copper & 20% zinc wound around low three strings.

It all will create a great tone to play your favorite acoustic Delta Blues or anything your heart desires for that matter. It will have a bite on the higher end of the tone so consider it if you give more preference to bass superiority. In my book, the overall thicker gauge of the set balances it all out and allows for a very versatile play.

Gauges are:

e: .010
b: .013
g: .017

D: .030
A: .042
E: .052

Review of best acoustic guitar strings for Blues

Review By Feel

Even with my bias towards the wording on the package, and sympathy for Ernie Ball, there should not be any argument at how rich of a sound these Blues acoustic guitar strings produce and how musically resilient they are. Consider Ernie Ball Earthwood Rock and Blues 80/20 Bronze Alloy when you’ll be looking for the best acoustic strings for Blues. Wow that’s a long name…

Personally I stopped looking for best acoustic guitar strings for Blues when I heard the first set of Rock & Blues on my axe.

Found what I was looking for in tone and stuck to it. To my great surprise, these strings last a lifetime as well. After getting an electric guitar, I have played my acoustic much less and thus was entirely passive at restringing it. I believe I left a single set of strings sitting on a guitar for over 6 months once. Granted, I did not play that much and the tone did get stale. However, out of respect to my first guitar, my acoustic friend and advice from Keith Richards “You gotta know this [acoustic] before you get to know the electric”, I did give it a run for the money on occasion and never once broke a string.

In the end, this pack of six fellows took me to a happy place and forced a long and loyal smile on my face as well as my word of mouth when it came to Ernie Ball strings. I will continue reviewing other products since best strings for acoustic Blues is a subjective concept, but I will unlikely use other ones as long as these are going to be produced. I hope they will be sold forever and with that, continue to provide that child-like, pure joy of finding exactly what you were looking for.

best strings for acoustic Blues with jack daniels pick

My Jack Daniel’s Blues… Ever had one of those?

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