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Guitar strings make you work for them or work with you. There are hundreds of different brands, gauges, material, shape and type of wiring available on the market and luckily they don’t cost “too” much and you can try a different set if you ain’t happy with the one you got at first. Not like spending your last $500 on an amp without researching just to realize it won’t go to 11.

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Guitar Strings

There is really no reason for any aspiring guitarist, be it Blues or any other genre not to go out and try everything the world has to offer when it comes to strings. These things define the way you sound as much as the next accessory. Thicker gauge make you work harder. Remember B.B.’s advise to Billy Gibbons? Thinner strings make you able to perform more, longer and it’s easier to learn new things.

SRV or KWS on the other hand go all out and do the work. If you can take the pain and are determined, it will pay off with a booming voice that will be your own. Keen Kord Guitar will review some of the notable strings out there for Electric and Acoustic guitars. There are a lot of brands to cover (Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop, Elixir, DR to name a few) so stick around and send us a note if you’d like a specific set to be reviewed.

Electric Guitar Strings

Everyone has their own tone. Much of electric guitar’s tone comes from effects, so combining that and a unique set of strings creates an infinite range of possible tone combinations that you can experiment with and call your own. Electric guitar strings reviews

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic strings reviews are a bit easier at first, due to less factors being considered when playing. But this doesn’t mean that other factors don’t come in play when you got nothing between you and the instrument to cover up flaws and misses. Acoustic is where it all came from and we all got to go to the beginning to remember how to really play the guitar.

It’ll Be Enough

Aye, it will be. Even though probably knows all their favorite strings already, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to make the journey shorter for you. Less searching – more playing. Come back often and let us know if you want any special strings reviewed.

Try everything made by everyone until you are at home with your own sound.