Guitar Gear

In Search of Tone

We all look for a tone. Some for unique, others for the best feel. A lot goes into your own guitar sound and gear isn’t an exception. Here, Keen Kord Guitar will take a look at best guitar accessories available. Some more, some less, but we’ll try to touch most of it. Enough for a keen understanding of how guitar gear helps sculpt your own tone.


Effect Pedals

There is an ocean of different guitar pedals out there. You could review them by brand, size, price or by actual effect (chorus, delay, distortion or overdrive, wah-wah, tremolo and it’s not even half of the list). Some include various features in one, others are minimal, maybe even analog for most dedicated fans. Some guitar effect pedals are for acoustic, most are for electric guitars but we will, in time, figure it all out here. Read on.

Guitar Strings

This one is fun and easiest to experiment with due to it’s availability and price. Guitar strings affect the tone among other things. Depending on the string gauge you choose, the difficulty of playing will change. Here, Electric Guitar Strings and Acoustic Axe ones are going to be reviewed and compared on a number of factors. Since everything is subjective, each review will be made of technical and feel aspect of the product. As always, don’t listen to Go out and try everything made by everyone. That’s how you will find your own tone and level of comfort.


Playing a gig is a job and spending a lot of time in an awkward position will lead to you looking like a retarded pterodactyl. Straps for comfort, quality (think of those guitar spin fails) and of course making you look like SRV.


The best amp is the one that gets you shot by the neighbor. Period. The rest is details. But we will review some of those details anyway.

Guitar Picks

If you’re into it…Flight on the Conchords that is, we will talk about them too. For now, if you’re into picks – different ones affect tone and assists your play style. In short – thinner ones make strumming easier while thicker ones help with solo accuracy. Metallic ones are loud, thumb picks are cool and so on. Read on for more.

The Rest is History

History of guitar is filled with absolutely unique inventions in terms of tone, setup and cool combination of gear. The possibilities are endless and taking your favorite guitarists rig, then building your own on it, is something that you should do when you learn your first chords. As Billy Gibbons said – you should play what you like. It makes sense – if you will like your sound then you will play your music. Go out and try as much as you can. Reading about sound is okay but hearing it for yourself is a whole different chord.

Try everything made by everyone until you are at home with your own sound.