Types of Blues Guitar Practice

you should be practicing guitar now

I have been wondering, and I do not have the answer to this one so feel free to join me in my thoughts. What kind of guitar practice is the right kind? Should I focus on one piece and repeat it until my idea of perfect comes out, or should I spread out over several different lessons, licks, songs, techniques etc? Should the person starting out, begin with learning songs and compositions or scales and how chords are built?

I do not know the answer. I began with scales rather than songs, had no formal training and found myself being able to participate in jams knowing what goes where and thus I feel like my way was the right way. However, I probably should have started with Major Scale rather than out favorite Blues Scale. Major is the answer to the structure of chords and gives better understanding of how things work when it comes to guitar.

Some individuals I know began by memorizing song after a song and even though they could play a couple at a decent level, when it came to being a part of the team, they were absolutely useless.

I wonder if it is a reflection of individual characters. In other words I may have just called all solo guitarists egocentric and unable to play in a team…

While this may be the case, many of my favorite Blues Guitarists haven’t opened up until they could do what they felt like doing. Heck, KKG is me doing what I want to do so I am at the same time one and another.

I guess I have drifted away a little but I would like to know how I can save time, and be effective as well as efficient in my learning, growth and practice. I guess it has to be like any other passion:obsessive spending of every free minute of every free day until I can play a piece in my sleep and explain to you guys how and why it goes well together. Do let me know how your journey began and what you found was best for your progress.

In his webinar Steve Vai had mentioned that his practice was very regimental at first and there is a reason why one should practice small things for X amount of time daily until they get good at it. I suppose there is a hint in that logic

Thank you Odd Quarter for perfectly depicting an answer to my question.


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