Remember Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Statue in Austin Texas

On this date, August 27th 1990, at age 35, one of the greatest Blues guitarists had died in a helicopter accident in Wisconsin. Stevie Ray Vaughan, his brother Jimmie, Eric Clapton, bands and management were returning from a concert in four helicopters. Due to poor weather conditions, the pilot did not see a hill until the chopper with SRV and three of Clapton’s crew flew headlong into it. It was a combination of bad luck, bad timing, bad judgment and a bad sign which led to a death, mourned by the world till this day.

This date will forever mark the sadness in the hearts of all Blues Rock guitarists and musicians of different confessions. SRV had given generations of aspiring musicians an influence, countless songs to learn (Pride and Joy, Texas Flood etc.)  and many versions of songs by his influencers (Little Wing, Voodoo Child etc) that are often equal preference to the original. The least we can do is remember him, appreciate him and praise his Texas Blues.

He was a talent, a troubled soul, a genius Blues guitar virtuoso and a great individual. In his short 7 year career he created an infinite legacy. Remember Stevie Ray Vaughan. Remember him as long as this world is remembered. When you are in Austin, make sure to visit his statue, a part of Stevie is still there.

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