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In the music world, as seen by countless sources, refusal is an everyday deal. In the world of Blues guitar, it may be even more frequent. Those who get into this field should know how to get up after they’ve been taken down, should know that food will not always be there and should view the world as a challenge, not a joyride that is supposed to go one is life

Start playing guitar

It is not a secret that there are many guitarists out there. Everyone have said at least once in their life that everyone plays guitar. Some do it better, others worse, some are nicer people, others are nicer musicians. All, however, go through a point of refusal. The point where you are putting your heart into creating something perceptually significant and while running towards your dream with this creation held high over your head, you smack into a brick wall. The point when someone else’s mind sees your creation unworthy and gives you a scenario you did not even consider, in which you are a failure as a guitarist, as a songwriter, as a musician altogether and you should either go take lessons (which you should do regardless of your talent) or go curl up and die in a ditch somewhere.

Buddy Guy – Best in Town


Survive the lesson

Darwin’s “fittest” suggestion, comes in play here. This life is in fact a challenge to say it lightly. Up until a couple hundred years ago, everything around was out to kill us. From a ferocious predator to poisonous insect, from a kings displease to religious persecution, everything presented a fatal threat to a human. That had motivated people to struggle and work hard at securing their comfort through food and safety. The concept that can still be applied to successful Blues guitarists who have worked hard to secure their own food and safety. At some point however, an option of giving up was created, when things went from being eaten to living on governmental support. People, as a kind, had grown lazy and uncreative. I don’t think that blaming them would be justified since it is what people want from life after all – be rested in safety. The problem with that however is that lack of creative need to survive lead to an acceptable concept of getting by on a refusal. In other words, social opinion or opinion of one person had been given so much weight that it could completely alter the way a person was gonna go about their life. It became acceptable to curl up and cry after being told “no” just a couple centuries since the time where being told “no” meant death and was never taken for an answer.

Eric Bibb – Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirits Down


Don’t forget your first guitar

People are forgetful. Some bad things are being forgotten willingly, some without thought. In this case, people have forgotten how to work to get into the door of a producer, how to insist to get into the mind of a record company, how to impress to get that opening gig for Jimi Hendrix. In a world where making things easier is called a “technology”, music has became easy to make and flooded the market with guitarists who assume control over the art without ever spending time to learn from it. The listener had shifted his preferences as well. First ever songs came from tribes chanting to create an impression of something large and loud to scare away the predators. Then, songs carried stories of love, adventure, heroism, conquest, pain and loss. Music was always a feeling and provided a listener with an emotion of worrying or joy, contemplation or fury on a given subject. Now, there is nothing to think about really. There is noise which is claimed as music on a “supply & demand” pretense. The main top charts are filled with words that have no meaning and music that has been made out of Chinese plastic. The standards have been lowered to a point where you could probably get by on mediocre skill with a well pumped ass despite of your gender. Beside the point. Listener got lazy as well, it is emotionally difficult to feel pity for the person in the song, it is hard to be facing the truth about the human faults and then thinking about it. It is painful to see the reality of the world where everything is still out to kill you. That’s why subconsciously, our first impulse is to squash any spider or shoo away any stray dog that gets in the same room with us. The latter is filled with hypocrisy. The unwillingness to share the feeling of others is just sad and shameful.

Learn from your Blues

Refusal: we as Blues guitar journeymen will all get them and get them for the things we will consider our best ever creations. The beauty of it is that 8/10 will lay down and die while you will be given an opportunity to triple your efforts right that moment and advance. Consider this, if someone tells you no then you are already talking to someone who is a doorway to your dream. Will you really forgive yourself for turning away from the last barrier that gets you into the yard of Blues Legends? I know I couldn’t do it and my issues with refusal are their own subject. Big enough to dedicate an entire web rant to it.

This wicked life is gonna get the best of us regardless of your status or origin. Share the feelings you have with others and open your hearts to the feelings others try to share with you. The best memories are the ones we create ourselves. It will bring down a revolution like the one started by Rock’n’Roll. People are thirsty for something genuine and you are in a unique place to give them water in their time of need. If you do, they will never forget or abandon you. They will grow your fan base for you and they will break down those doors with you. Refusal is for you to rise, not fall for. Play your Blues for you, the way you find it filling and beautiful and at some point, others will make a song about you and it will carry your feelings into the history.

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