Rest in Peace Joe Cocker (1944-2014)

Today, on December 22nd 2014, at age 70, Joe Cocker passed on to join the Blues band in the sky.

Everyone knows “You Can Leave Your Hat On” but to me, Joe’s other works were an even greater discovery. His songs resonated with deepest feelings of the listener and maybe because of it he was so widely and globally loved. He will be greatly missed and remembered in the music books for decades to come.

Most of Joe Cocker’s songs are heard by young children at almost any seaside of any country. His lyrics uplift any heart and his music moves the body. Only years later do they realize that N’Oubliez Jamais is actually performed by Cocker and “My Father’s Son”, such a familiar tune is his art as well.

His songs have topped my ipod’s top playlists for many years and his songs were among the very few that never got old or I felt sick off. There’s a sorry kind of sad and there is a Joe Cocker kind of sad. The latter will be felt for as long as music exists.

Rest in Peace our beloved friend. Thank you for your legacy.

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