Malcolm Young Tribute

At times it feels like this year might not end too soon with all the heavy losses it caused us. Malcolm Young, the co-founder of AC/DC and a rhythm guitar player has passed away today marking a historical loss for every corner of every nation across the globe.

Everyone knows AC/DC and those who don’t have heard their songs. The guys gave us half a century of head nodding, blaring heavy rock out of many cars and many homes. Countless soundtracks filled with Malcolm’s riffs and countless girls and boys who have been wooed thanks to them.

Even though Malcolm hasn’t been an active part of the band since 2014 due to health problems, this is a black day in the calendar. Let’s consider that Malcolm and AC/DC had given us much more than most other bands and have lived their lives to a much larger extent than most of us ever will. In fact, with that thought in mind go and rock so that one day we will salute you like we do Malcolm today!

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of Malcolm as well as the entire planet today. AC/DC won’t ever be the same, there won’t ever be another Malcolm Young so let’s turn it up and fill the night with the sound of his jet. Fill the streets with the howl of his soul and wipe the tears for it’s much better to have a memory eternal than not experience what they gave us ever.

Thank you Malcolm. We salute you!

Make Some Noise