Happy New Year!

Happy New year from KKGuitar

Happy New Year Blues Guitar lovers!

It’s been a great adventure so far and soon enough it will continue in 2015. With everything else in 2014 going sideways and backwards, Keen Kord Guitar has always been a pleasure to be with, around and write for. Each and every one of you have been seen and valued. Each of your visit was like a sleigh bell ringing in my heart that still believes in Santa Claus. I’d prefer him to play Candy Red Stratocaster but some may suggest that it’s not be the Blues.

About 10 months ago KKGuitar started. Slowly, weirdly, it had an aim to keep the Blues alive like all others who are in this environment. Initially, my idea was to find questions that I run into as I myself learn the guitar and assuming that other young guns have the same questions, answer them here in writing. I hope it was mostly what I was doing. At the same time, expression of appreciation was written to my prime Blues influencers that got me playing and listening and wanting to be a part of this big Blues family. I’m not sure if I can be a Bluesman but I sure as holiday can write the life our of it.

Keen Kord Guitar is for my own soul’s sake. It may at times be sloppy and disorganized. It may not have a content plan or a hired content writer but it is pure as a doorknob and I want it to remain that way with poorly chosen urls and funky looking titles.

My attention span is about 37 seconds and even then it has to be very much on the money. I love KKGuitar and I love the fact that it was the second best thing that happened to me this year. For the same reason I love you guys who come and visit. Stay a while and listen, maybe, just maybe a resonating tune will play in your mind that will get you to fall in love with the Blues as much as I did a few years back.

In the meantime, I will continue sharing my journey with you. It’s fun, I wouldn’t trade it for anything (maybe more Blues) and anyone with a pleasure in their life should pursue that pleasure. Thank you. Be happy, be safe in a new, and better 2015. Happy New Year!

Yours truly,
Keen Kord Guitar

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