Chuck Berry Dies at 90

Chuck Berry Passed away at 90

The Father of Rock’n’Roll, the unique voice in music, one of the greatest guitar players to walk the planet – Chuck Berry, has passed away on the 18th of March 2017. The same year he announced working on his first studio album in 38 years.

Chuck Berry was a complicated character but there was no question about his music, his talent and his strength of will. In his career, he had worked with over a 100 different musicians, slept in his car between concerts (because of personal finance management, not because he couldn’t afford a hotel), and served prison time over questionable things a few times. It is true that if you don’t want to soil your impression about certain compositions – don’t go learning the authors biography. Today, Chuck Berry is a man who left us with great memories, such as “Jonny B Goode” or “Roll Over Bethoven”

The man was loved by musicians everywhere. Keith Richards gave most of his credit to Chuck Berry. Members of Chess Records threw concerts for him and greats of our time stood in line to play the role of his band on tour. The man will be remembered for 74 million years to come and his music will ring from many juke joints across the globe.

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