Buddy Guy – Recipient of Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

buddy guy recipient of 57th Grammy lifetime achievement award 2015 Chicago Blues

It is a great and sincere pleasure to watch and congratulate Buddy Guy on receiving Lifetime Achievement Award at the 57th Grammy ceremony 2015 last night.

There is a sense of pride for those who have dedicated their life to a certain craft or art without any restrains and second thoughts. Buddy Guy has seen them all and played his Blues alongside the greatest in music history. He is one of the greatest in music history and therefore when something like this is given to a 78 year old Legend, you can’t help but feel like you just may have your priorities straight.

Blues is a family and the circle of people that was allowed in this family is very like-minded and directed towards the great feeling that is behind the music. These people are sincere, wise, bold, often experienced in ways no one should ever experience and can clearly tell the difference between their finger and their…

Buddy Guy have combined the real roots of the Blues with the sounds that are beyond trends and time. His is forever invaluable when it comes to a life worth spent and a music worth discovering.

Almost 60 years ago, Louisiana, haven’t seen a light bulb till in teens… Can you imagine? I can’t. Well, I can’t probably imagine what a real Blues is, but I know for a fact that I respect it and I respect what Buddy Guy represents. Congratulations Mr. Guy and the entire BG team! All of you are doing a hell of a job making people travel 5046 miles just to hear your music live.

Sweet Tea – 02 – Baby Please Don’t Leave Me by Buddy Guy on Grooveshark

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