B.B. King, 89, Passed Peacefully

Lucille Sign in Blues Club. Rest in Peace BB King
BB King Lucille, Memphis Beale Street

BB King, the last of his generation Bluesmen and the last of known artists who came out straight from the delta, has died at his home in Las Vegas at age 89.

If there is sad – this is it. If there is fear – it was what I felt ever since B.B. King had felt ill at one of his concerts last fall, hospitalized in April, once again in May and up until today. He was the favorite of all Kings because he was the better man. Better man than most of us and most certainly a unique Blues guitar player. More than once I hoped to still have a lifetime memory of meeting the man…

BB King, the king of Blues Guitar

Rest in Peace King of the Blues

Mr. King has been touring with diabetes for the past 65 years giving over 200 shows a year on an intensive schedule. A workaholic of a man, he was always a saint of a person with many if not all Blues artists sharing their deep affection for the man’s character and calling him a dear inspirational friend.

He had influenced indirectly and helped so many musicians of different genres, generations, cultural backgrounds and goals in mind. He had given the world a much sought after sound of the Thrill that was gone. He was the baby that rocked us and nothing will change now. We will still have the blues every day and we will continue to drool over Lucille as we see it.

B.B. King, 89, Passed Peacefully

BB King will always be remembered and dearly missed… He will always be the King of the Blues and one of the few men who had taken the genre and showed it to the world. Who had saved and improved so many lives through his music and given reason to love life with his vibrato.

Here is a look back on 2006 Blues Club Concert cuts from Memphis’s Beale Street and a little of Nashville… May he forever rest in peace and find the next world to be better than the one we live in.

Just recently I had the blessed joy of being in the same club and wishing for BB to rest, get better and back on his horse… I was still hopeful. The memory remains and the thrill ain’t gone.

BB King Club Blues Guitar Pick, Pin and Magnet

BB King’s Blues Club Guitar Pick, Pin and Magnet

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