Blues Musicians are Great

Blues Musicians are one of the most welcoming people I’ve met, and if someone disagrees, I’m glad I did not meet enough of them to think differently.

I’m glad that everyone who knows English, knows the phrase “I got the Blues” and even though not nearly enough of them understand what it truly means, I’m glad to know that the Blues had created it’s heritage in so many various shapes and forms. Been having hard time picking up a guitar lately, but been enjoying listening to it being played by others nonetheless.

Saw some post on facebook about an empty table and a choice: If you could choose who to sit next to at the table (living or late), who would it be? I gave it a thought and realized that still, the nicest people I perceive are the Blues people. So I’d be honored to sit next to Muddy Waters, blessed to look at BB King across the table, thrilled to hear the voice of Howlin’ Wolf ordering drinks, ecstatic to know that Buddy Guy will be seeing all these people again, humbled by the presence of Koko Taylor and Etta James and absolutely loving to be in the company of Lightnin’ Hopkins.

All these people are those who I’d just want to listen to. Speak, sing, howl, shout, makes no difference. I’d be the most quiet thing at that table soaking all of it in. As always, grateful, that the Blues Musicians are great.

Make Some Noise