How to Play Blues Guitar

Many wish to learn how to play the Blues on guitar and search for various educational websites, music literature, guitar applications, software and special prayers. While I do not have a “one size fits all” answer on how to play Blues guitar, I am persuaded that after watching this video of Buddy Guy, Ric Jaz, Marty Sammon, Tim Austin, Orlando Wright, Jason Moynihan & others, anyone would get closer to it. This performance, this jam, feels as real as they come. It feels as if every element in that moment and in that room, was working for the band.

To avoid weird looks from a reader, this is what real Blues feels like. It is easy to play but hard to feel and that’s why this is the ultimate Blues guitar lesson for those of us beginners who do not feel that the tabs and 12 bar transcriptions cut it. I’ve read somewhere that the Blues is a good man feeling bad and I believe that it’s another reason why the genre has performances of pure synergy like this still. It is not commercial, it has no money in it, it brings limited fame and it will not be mainstream until the next Muddy, Wolf and Willie Dixon gather together under one roof. It is clean and from the heart and that is why this is the best performance I have ever seen from Buddy Guy and the band, and the example that I show whenever someone asks me “What is the Blues?”.

This clip speaks volumes for itself. Watch it, pause it, rewind it and you will learn how to play Blues guitar on acoustic, electric, one-stringed or even a shovel with a few wires running through it.

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