Delta Blues Guitar

delta blues guitar

Every train leads to Delta Blues guitar in search of your own sound. When you hear modern Blues Rock and other genre guitarists talk about being influenced by Son House, Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson and other masters of the Delta, you turn to their sound in search of your own.

I did…and I failed. My listening to the old records going back to 40’s and even 30’s came back with nothing and did not move me to get Delta Blues guitar lessons right that moment. Being influenced by the electric sound of Howlin’ Wolf & Buddy Guy followed by the edged solos of Jack White and GCJ, I felt like something was missing. I went to hear the music but I did not, in a sense that the music that Ive heard coming from the Delta Blues guitar, did not reveal all the world’s secrets to me.

I’ve failed to realize that the thing I was missing was the same exact thing I’ve attempted to preach in the last months. It was the feel in the music as well as the feel in the words. It was the combination of major hope with minor sadness that made the foundation of the Delta Blues. Slide guitar however, was always another thing for me. I loved every squeaky sound of it in every song I’ve heard. Every time except for when I attempted to play it.

It took Delta Blues guitar to make my influencers play the way they do, therefore without understanding the roots, I will not be able to ever express the altitude and attitude of that feel that is deep inside me and wants to be turned into a solo…or until I figure it out.

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