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I have grown to understand that it is normal when your wishes are not in sync with the wishes of the universe. We can barely do anything about that. But what of these wishes being in sync with the people around you? How should you treat wishes of people around you for your life?

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I always wondered when did surrounding opinion mattered and when it was better to tell everyone to pluck off. Most often scenario is that everyone around you knows what you should do or be doing constantly. They know it, they talk about it, the only problem is that they never tell you about it because they talk about you with each other. And those who have the decency to actually share the same sincere opinion of you with you, are talking like you owe them something. It is almost a demand to acknowledge that they might know your life better than you. That they know how the Blues Guitar should sound without knowing a single scale. That they know how you should practice without knowing the name of the keys on 5th fret.

Everyone around us know what we need, and if we try to tell them that it is not something we want, they deem us unfit and go on telling everyone behind our backs how unfit we are. Well, pluck em… Seriously, grab a pick and pluck em all along the Mississippi. This is your life, your life alone, your Blues and your music. You do not owe nothing to anyone until you decide that you do and that decision must be a conscious choice.

We are the ones that are bound by our own views of ourselves. Let me repeat that: We look at ourselves from a 3rd person view every day and that is our problem. We choose to do what is accepted socially rather than what we want to do (Let’s disclaim the mentally ill, murderers, rapists etc).

Let’s assume your mind is working properly and you live your day going to work, having 3 hours in the day to yourself, two of which are spent on a nagging wife. You dream of stage and spotlight. You dream to share your love with the world and feel it’s love fulfill you on the stage, while you play your Blues away on a shiny Strat.

Can you do it? Is it possible? Do you have time? What will others say? I bet all these questions sound familiar in your mind.

Yes you can do it.

Look at all your favorite Blues Musicians and Guitarists. Did they manage? Yes. How are you different? You are not. If you pack your junk, grab your guitar and go play in the local joint like all of them did, you will go where you wanna get. Once again we should disclaim the possibility of you being hit by a bus and not making it to Chicago altogether but hey, world isn’t perfect. Or is it?

It is very possible.

People use talent as an excuse. All those who are on the top of their respective Blues field have spent hundreds of hours working to create that talent. Talent is an image and you create it. Anything is possible if you put work into it and especially so if you are doing your beloved thing.

Mind you that any passion might become less pleasant after it becomes your job and you spend 90 hours a week doing it but hey, I don’t know of one single Blues Guitarist who left the stage to be an accountant. Do you?

You do not have time.

And this is the key. You do not have time and this concept is the only thing that will give you more of it. Realizing that your time is now will get you moving. Cancer patients are often trying to do everything they always thought of doing. Consider yourself a cancer patient. Consider that you have 5 years to get on a stage and work your ass off to do it. Work like you know this is the last chance to make a difference. Like you know this may be the only thing that matters. Do not have a back-up plan. Just pure focus on the goal (which I urge you to set as well).

title=”Sitting on Top of the World by Chris Goss & the Forest Rangers on Grooveshark”>Sitting on Top of the World by Chris Goss & the Forest Rangers on Grooveshark

Does it really matter what others will say?

We have returned to my initial thought, a divided life. This concept alone might give you a largest Blues that can possibly be found. There are those people who matter and those who don’t when it comes to opinion. Those who matter are the family, those who don’t are everyone else. Ignore what they tell you, brilliant people talk about concepts, not other people. Only those who are unable to wrestle their own fear, will tell you that you will fail or try to discourage you from trying.

If you will yield to their attempts, your life will be divided into your dreams and your existence. This division is unhealthy and will lead you to an empty life of remorse.

As for the family… Yes, important, yes responsible, no, don’t start one until you are certain that you do not want anything else. You will regret every moment of it and will lead to her taking HALF of your junk and giving you the “Half-Blues”, dividing your life into one more slice.

I do not claim that living for yourself is an ultimate answer. It is unnatural since we are a society in need of one another and people to love. However, I urge you all, whoever may stumble upon this sentiment, to first put the thoughts in your head in order and achieve everything that you see in your dreams at night and only then divide your life into sections. “Our bodies are the cages that keep us from dancing with the ones we love, and our minds hold the keys…”

This is my Undivided Life Blues. What is yours?

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