Feeling that Sound (How I started playing)

Blues guitar hands playing

It was not when I first heard, nor when I first saw the guitar’s sweet melody, I realized that it took my heart in a tight grip. In fact, it wasn’t even “sweet” that got me hooked but the exact opposite. It was the raw melodic tear that was so bitter and was filled with so much emotion, that I could not fight the urge to feel more. It was Blues Guitar.

That’s right, it was not a sound but a feeling of the sound that came to me with the sad but hopeful tones of Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, T-Bone Walker and many more Blues Guitarists afterwards. 

The Blues is often misunderstood for something that it is not. It may be considered, for the lack of the better word, complaining. It is not, it is searching and finding that light when nothing but darkness is around you and laughing at it. It is giving hope when all is lost and feeling alive when death itself is challenging you to a guitar duel. Blues is a feeling and I barely felt it, but I sure damn well felt it and saw which instrument made me feel it. That was enough for me to start the search of Blues Guitar and invite you with me.

I suggest turning this on before you continue reading:

Buddy Guy – It’s a Jungle Out There


  • Join me to find answers that may be hidden further than others when it comes to Blues Music. 
  • Join me to get a more of a human (rather than technical) view on the components of Blues Guitar and all it’s flavors.
  • Join me to meet those great Blues Guitarists who have created, kept alive, and showed promising advances in Blues.
  • Join me to learn if some gear is more Bluesy or if it all can be used in the proper hands. Be it commonly known Blues guitars, or pedals or amplifiers and whether publicly approving one piece of gear means that the other one can’t be used as productively. 

Basically, join me on a feeling. A feeling that did not leave me and hopefully will not leave you. There is not a set goal, but rather a set path to answer any questions that we might find on the way in search of Blues Guitar.