Blues Guitar Bible (or something worth exploring)

man with blues guitar on top of cadillac hood

I continue to overestimate my efforts to understand Blues Music. All of it’s components would take ages to learn and even longer to understand, but this Blues Guitar Blog is all about how it’s worth the effort.

Blues is a flotation device. When a man begins to drown, few Blues lines can pull him up. It is remarkable how music can be so powerful it has no limits to changing lives. Does not necessarily have to be thee Blues, any genre exists as a result of someone who was able to make others feel better when they were feeling overwhelmed. This is a shout out to all those real musicians who made enough people find comfort in their work. Blues songs might not be as complicated as other guitar genres and thus are not difficult to play but Blues is all about the feel which can often be really hard to grasp. Often Blues has to become your last and only friend, your lover, your house, your food, your water, your air and ultimately your life, or even better – the only thing in your life worth living for.

When your woman left you, you got the Blues. When your boss fired you, you got the Blues. When your woman left you for your boss who fired you… Damn right you got the Blues! Regardless of the reasons that surround us, it is the attitude that defines us. The Blues is an attitude and believe it or not, it is a positive attitude, a winning choice and a definite decision to sing and play all our sorrows away. Blues has been God’s major helper. When the latter had little time to help, the Blues stepped in and pulled the rest through. And Blues Guitar was his Bible.

It seems that throughout the course of Blues History, the real truth was always stored in music. In our case it was Blues Guitar which had always asked the right questions and provided answers through the feeling of the sound. Be it Blues Rock or Delta Blues, it had always been a feel. When the world gets too loud, just turn it down and turn the music up.

Turn the music up, turn the world down

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