B.B. King & Buddy Guy – I Can’t Quit You Baby

I try to listen and pay attention… Learn and listen from those around me, “Walk with the rich, walk with the poor. Learn from everyone, that’s what life is for” and  many tell me that you will do what you love, and others will see that you are doing what you love. Some will support you and sincerely be happy for you, but many of those who lack courage to do what they love, will try to put you down. Ignore every hint of it.

Seriously, look at these two brilliant Blues Guitarists. Does it seem that they are not enjoying themselves? I assure you people around them tried to put them down. Does it seem that they are not loving every second of what they do? I assure you there were those who said the Blues was dead. These guys, Buddy Guy, B.B. King and many others, long live they all, are the ones who are keeping the Blues Music alive.

Here is another Blues Guitar 101 for you as well as for me: Do what you love, do it with responsibility, keep doing it, be sincere and real. Life is ours, we live it our way and we should not owe anything to anyone when it comes to how we live it.

Make Some Noise