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(1943-Seriously Forever)

“The perfect way to write a song is to dream it. But it only happens once in a lifetime.”

Born in England, performing his first childhood gig for the Queen (as part of the choir) Keith says his career went downhill from there.

Becoming fond of the Blues Guitar at an early age, Brian Jones Keith Richards and Mick Jagger formed a band which was destined to obliterate all stereotypes, social expectations and set records – The Rolling Stones. The name was influenced by one of the earlier songs of Muddy Waters – Rollin’ Stone.

Chuck Berry in turn had influenced Keith Richards personally. He says that when he first heard Johnny B. Goode, he knew that was what he wanted to do.

Quickly turning to drugs, Keith had much to worry about throughout his career and most often from inside the jail cell. His blues guitar riffs had turned many audiences into rioting mob and thus made the Stones unwelcome in UK, US and many other places. Nonetheless, the moment Richards showed the world what he can play, that same moment the world had fallen in love with him.

Throughout the years, Keith had made friends with most of those he loved listening to during his childhood and many learned from him as well as other way around. Keith was seen performing with Blues Musicians such as Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and so many more. He is humble and caring and is an important part of Blues History and the History of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Today, 52 years since the foundation of the Rolling Stones, he continues to jump around the stage as energetic as he was in his 20’s and the band continues to gather stadiums of fans regardless of the country they are in. His most notable guitar is a Fender Telecaster with 5 strings in open G, named “Micawber”. In addition, Keith owns around 3,000 (Thousand!) guitars as his personal collection and is planning to make a museum out of them. Many are as rare as they come, around ten of them can be seen on stage and some he just gives away when he feels like it.

Songwriter, Father of Rhythm Guitar, Top of the “most likely to die in 1970+”, Keith Richards continues to be the influence for many beginner and experienced Blues guitarists around the world.

You know, for me personally, any man who can tell the world to @#$% off and live to see how it did, is automatically on top of all lists. If that man can also throw out unmatched Blues guitar rhythms, he is a must know. Keith Richards is to me what Chuck Berry was to him. When I heard, read and listen, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. Any man who could take an unpopular subject and turn it into world’s favorite pastime, is a man I want you to know and read about.

To me, Richards is what any man should be. To me, his life was rich with excitement, love, adventure, ups and downs and through it all he came out to be the best Rhythm Guitarist I have heard of. You still think that you may not have an hour for practice after work? You do. You have your life and it is yours alone. Once again, there isn’t any excuse not to do what you love. Look at Richards, half the world wanted his head, Death itself was looking for him and he said…

I urge you to take a closer look at this man, read his autobiography, read his biography, hear him play, feel him play and know that his life is probably what we are all searching for in the end. After all they are all 70 year old grandpas (Jagger became Great Grand Father few days ago) and they continue to do this

Long Live Keef!