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George “Buddy” Guy (1936-Forever)
The man who persuaded me.

I’m 74 Years Young

I have always found it fascinating that greatest Blues Guitarists who influenced Buddy, were actually influenced by him as much, if not more.
Buddy Guy’s showmanship and at the same time modesty is worth its own story. Never dreaming of reaching any heights, he was beyond happy just being near his favorite Bluesmen.


Born in Louisiana’s countryside, without ever seeing running water until he was in his late teens. His first guitar experience was with a rubber band, then a two stringer which he made on his own (out of windscreen strings used to protect windows from mosquitoes) and taught himself how to play.

Exposed to the great Delta Blues Musicians of that time, Buddy began performing in the area before moving to Chicago in late 1950’s. There he began visiting Blues Clubs and listening to Muddy WatersHowlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and many others in their prime. Shortly after, he got invited to play with them. Buddy recalls those times as being on top of the world. It seemed as all his dreams came true while he was meeting more and more Blues Musicians.

A couple of decades later Buddy Guy had began his solo career which continues to flourish now in his late 70’s. A Polka-Dot Strat, huge smile on his face and soul-burning licks. Every time you would think it does not get any better, he comes out and plays one louder, one smoother, one more blue note and one meaner tune. He is keeping the Blues alive as he had promised those with whom he made it into what it is. Through him there will be others who will continue their calling, I just hope I will be able to be one of them.


Buddy is known for his signature Polka-Dot Fender Stratocaster. Passion for vintage tweed Fender amps and a rich choice of Ernie Ball .11 strings. As well as plenty of different guitar picks.


Mr. Guy has been my personal influence, and belief that all things are possible regardless of your background, resources or any factors for that reason. I have always listened to his unique but most versatile style of playing with some extent of curiosity. It is almost as if his music answers my questions which I cannot even ask. It’s the feeling that got me closer in my search for Blues Guitar.

Thank you Buddy Guy, for sincere, unhinged, passionate protection of what kept so many people from despair and gave so many others hope and strength to move on. Thank you for keeping the Blues alive.