Blues Guitar (About)

The mission of Keen Kord Guitar is to assure young guns that they got what it takes to find their own Blues Guitar Feel.

  • I will attempt to share the immensity of the feeling which engulfed me when I first understood that what I heard was Blues Guitar.
  • I will attempt to find answers to those guitar-related questions I struggled searching for when I picked up my first guitar.
  • I will attempt to motivate all those who may be on the fence about picking up a guitar or continuing their journey.
  • I will learn and share all that I can to keep the memory of the Blues, and the feeling that it gave me, alive.

This is not a guitar lesson site (since I still have so much to learn from you), but instead a project aimed to show appreciation to Blues Guitar and guitarists all throughout the history of Blues music and the effect it had on modern guitar genres.

At the same time it is not an entirely historical project either. I will share my passion to all things related to the Blues in all its forms, including role-models and influences, axes, gear and everything else that would come to mind.

I welcome you to take this journey with me and together bring further satisfaction to those who already knows that Blues is a feeling as well as those who are not yet introduced to its power.

I welcome you to participate in this journey and build these crossroads with me.

I welcome you to stay a while and listen. I hope that you will hear that feeling that put a grip on my heart and did not let go. I do not want it to let go.

Regardless whether the outcome will seem to your satisfaction, listen to Mr. Bibb. It’s worth it.