BB King, the king of Blues Guitar

B.B. King

B.B. King is a century of Blues Music history, a century of guitar playing knowledge and a legendary artist who will not be left out of any conversation about the Blues.

The Best are Forgotten

Find a musician on the street that can play like you have never heard and write a song named after them with their story in it. Let them live forever.

How to Play Blues Guitar

Many wish to learn how to play the Blues on guitar and search for various educational websites, music literature, guitar applications & software and special prayers.

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Bluesman Beginner’s Guide

I got a girl who’s all that – a bad start of a Blues song. However if you feel like doing it, try to slap something ugly on the next line: I got a girl who’s all that, wish she’d look less like a wombat.

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D’Addario EPN115 Pure Nickel (.11-.48) Electric Guitar Strings Review

D’Addario strings season is open in search of Blues Guitar. Opening act is EPN115

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In the music world refusal is an everyday deal. In the world of Blues guitar, it may be even more frequent. One should know how to get up after being taken down

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Your Blues is Yours Alone

“But he could really play the Blues… On that beat-up old guitar”

Stevie Ray Vaughan live with Number One

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan life, influence, music and wisdom… All in one guitar, all in one genre, all in the Blues.

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12-Bar Blues

I had difficulties in comprehending the concept of the 12 Bar Blues, and figured there is some other poor boy who is getting discouraged from being confused. I can finally say that I’m getting somewhere enough to share.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Statue in Austin Texas

Remember Stevie Ray Vaughan

On this date, August 27th 1990, at age 35, Stevie Ray Vaughan – one of the greatest Blues guitarists had died in a helicopter accident in Wisconsin.