Ric Hall Jaz playing his Fender Stratocaster black & white

Is Music School Important for Blues Guitar?

I continuously come to realization of how much there is still (and always will be) to learn about the Blues, acoustic guitar, amplifiers, effects for electric and everything in between. There is an ocean of information around us and with the internet, anyone with semi-decent knowledge of computers can provide us with material to learn on our own. But what material is good?  Read More

jeff beck, buddy guy, eric clapton, albert collins, b.b. king posing for photo

With a Little Help of My Friends

I have recently contemplated on the matter of assisting each other. Helping each other learn guitar, helping each other cross the street, helping each other’s Blues in all its forms.  Read More

buddy guy on stage

Happy 78th Birthday Buddy Guy!

Most of my Blues enthusiasm comes from the influence of this man. The day he stops playing will be the day I will have the deepest Blues known to me. Long live George Buddy Guy, long live your Blues and best of health to you. Thank you for everything. Read More

many different amps

Your First Blues Guitar Amplifier

If you decided to pick up an electric, you will need an amp to go with it. How will you choose an electric guitar amplifier from the hundreds available on the market? Read More

seasick steve influence kkguitar

Seasick Steve

Steven Gene Wold (1941-Forever)

“I have 50 years of doing not very well so if I want to draw on experience, I can do it for the next 50 years” Read More

Steve Vai effect pedals webinar

Perfect Pedal Order with Steve Vai, BOSS & Musician’s Friend

One of the questions that most Blues, and any other electric guitar players ask themselves is how to setup their pedal order. Read More

Johnny Winter RIP

(February 23, 1944 – July 16, 2014)

“I think the blues will always be around. People need it. “

Rest in Peace Good Man. Your Blues was heard and will be remembered. Read More