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Keen Kord Guitar – It’ll Be Enough

Keen Kord Guitar has started as a place of appreciation for the Blues Guitarists that shaped the form of modern music as we know it today. Some of them through hard work, others through luck, some through bold character. No doubt about it – all of them had character pouring out of every hole. One can’t expect anything different when on a road to changing the world.

Today,, is aiming to be more of a collection of things. Among others, here you will find tribute to beloved Blues Guitarists, reviews of gear and accessories, some word on notable landmarks that we’ve been blessed to visit, news that unfortunately seem to bring sadness all too often, and interviews where such will be possible.

Tribute to Guitarists

People make things and then use them to achieve greatness. There wouldn’t be much Blues without the efforts of Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, Lightning Hopkins and countless others that will either get their own spotlight here on KKGuitar or we will drop trying. For sure some of them will end up in the place we’ll go after that. The section about Blues Artists is a cheerful “thank you” for inspiration of us, generations before us and many ones after.

Gear Reviews

Everyone has their own tone. Some attempt to copy the way their guitar sounds from others but end up adding a piece of their character to it in the end. It is because of that we won’t be ashamed to feature some of the gear that shaped the unique tones of Jimi, SRV, BFG and so on. Effect pedals, strings, amps, cables, even guitar picks, will all be here for you to read about, try for yourself and then build up on to join the list of the great ones in the Bluesmen section…or Blueswomen rather. Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, why don’t we go and find what those glorious guitar ladies used in their rig? But do keep in mind the Golden Rule of the Blues – it can be played on a shovel with a fence wire if your heart’s in it.


While people shaped music, places that raised them shaped those people. Some attention will be given to the heritage locations that made history of guitar music what it is today. Chicago, Memphis, Mississippi Delta, Britain and other notable Blues landmarks are going to be found described on Keen Kord Guitar. I wen’t down to the Crossroads…


Every kid on the block wants to get into the head of their favorite musician. is not an exception. If those Musicians see value in talking to us, we will surely make it worthy for their exposure and our readers knowledge.


Even the term itself means sad thing. It ain’t anything new that these days the people who shaped our favorite music are leaving to jam in the Heaven more often than they drop a new album. It’s sad, yes. But it will never be over as long as you will read, great people from American Blues Scene, Living Blues, Blues Music Magazine, The Blues Foundation and other publications keep the Blues Alive. Talent is eternal and the inspiration that we are given, makes us build things and go places we never thought we’d visit.

It’ll Be Enough

In short, this might be your juke joint or your encyclopedia to learn or to confirm, to discover or recover all sorts of cool shit. Best to have some company on this big road.