Steve Vai effect pedals webinar

Perfect Pedal Order with Steve Vai, BOSS & Musician’s Friend

One of the questions that most Blues, and any other electric guitar players ask themselves is how to setup their pedal order. Read More

Johnny Winter RIP

(February 23, 1944 – July 16, 2014)

“I think the blues will always be around. People need it. “

Rest in Peace Good Man. Your Blues was heard and will be remembered. Read More


Blues Guitar Setup

It is my understanding that changing strings is a matter of monthly basis and everyone knows or should know how to do it. With these thoughts in mind I have decided to experiment with new strings and ran into a whole lot of trouble getting rid of fret buzz as a result of my initiative… Read More

silver blues guitar pick made from coin

Guitar Picks

My choice of Blues Picks

I never struggled, asking myself what guitar pick I needed, nor ever contemplated which was used for rhythm or lead. Read More

gary clark jr & his blues guitar on stage b&w

Gary Clark Jr.

(1984-Most Likely Forever)
“Whatever goals, whatever aspirations, you got to be the one to make it happen…”
Read More

Junior Kimbrough, Albert King, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf and Eric Clapton

Everyone plays Blues Guitar

A doubt arises in the best of us whether we are worthy, or any good to play like the ones we love to listen. It often seems like everyone and their mothers are playing Blues guitar. It is true, the list of decent guitarists is huge, list of great guitarists is large and phenomenal guitarists is long. Is there a way to get a corner in their room?  Read More

Jack White – Lazaretto

Second great album in the last couple of months. First there was Black Keys with their “Turn Blue” now Jack White released “Lazaretto” and it is mind-twisting.

Blues guitar fretboard

Blues Life Undivided

I have grown to understand that it is normal when your wishes are not in sync with the wishes of the universe. We can barely do anything about that. But what of these wishes being in sync with the people around you? How should you treat wishes of people around you for your life? Read More

Blues guitar pickup close up

Choose Your First Blues Guitar

The Concept

First of all, it is worth noting that the concept of “Blues Guitar” is only in our minds. There is no such thing when it comes to the feeling. Buying a Custom Fender Stratocaster will get you no closer to playing Blues than buying a shovel and nailing a wire to it. Read More